Why Hybrid Propulsion? Innovation that transcends existing technologies

 Our rocket engines inherently combine the features of a liquid propulsion system (throttling, shut-down, restart) while deriving the cost and operational benefits of a solid propulsion system.

  High performance

  Low cost

High performance due to efficient combustion technology

Low cost achieved via our know-how technology and smart choice of materials




Lower system complexity, reliable and readily available

Flexibility and customization: tailored solutions for every size and clustering

  Safe & Easy to Handle

  TNT equivalence of zero

Safe to assemble and transport due to inert fuel grains. LOX / Paraffin are both the most affordable and safe, non toxic propellants (compared to H2O2 and HTPB, which are both hazardous and more difficult to use).

Accident proof system due to spaital separation between the propellants (similar to liquid rockets, but unlike solid) and the propellants are in different states of matter (unlike both solid and liquid rockets).

  High efficiency   Simplicity
LOX / Paraffin achieves as high Isp as LOX / RP-1, which is the most common combination of high performance rocket fuels. Our propellants offer more than 40sec higher specific impulses compared to hydrogen peroxide or nitrous oxide, hybrids, or AP / AL / HTPB solids. Half of the plumbing system required which leads to simplified throtteling and steady state operations.


Do you want to find out more about our technology, competences and previous experiences?

Have a look at our public articles on the AIAA website . We are proud to see that our article “Hybrid Experimental Rocket Stuttgart: A Low-Cost Technology Demonstrator” is currently the most-read article in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets from AIAA . In addition, our publication "Viscosity and Regression Rate of Liquefying Hybrid Rocket Fuels" in the Journal of Propulsion and Power is also in the top 5 of the most read articles .

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