Hybrid rocket motors. The key to a new level of safety.


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Our main component of the HyImpulse Mini Launcher and Sounding Rocket

The 75 kN hybrid rocket engine using liquid oxygen (HyPLOx75) is the main component of the HyImpulse Mini Launcher and Sounding Rocket. Hybrid rocket motors use a solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer, which is the key technology in reducing safety risks in space propulsion. As the liquid oxidizer can never form an explosive mixture with the solid fuel, there is no explosion risk for the rocket when loaded with the propellants. This aspect is not only important during launch of the rocket, but also during development, testing and transportation. Our 75 kN hybrid engine is using a paraffin-based fuel and LOX as the propellants. This offers several distinct advantages and unique selling points compared to other hybrid propellant combinations. The hybrid rocket fuel used at HyImpulse is a proprietary advanced Paraffin-based fuel, specifically developed for the use in the HyImpulse launcher. With its particularly tuned composition the fuel has a high regression rate, compared to classical hybrid rocket fuels like HTPB, a high mechanical strength, and a good resiliency. These factors make it perfectly fit for the application in a small launch vehicle.