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Sounding rocket for 350 kg of payload

HyImpulse is developing a sounding rocket in order to launch 350 kg of payload into an altitude of 200 km. The sounding rocket will use a hybrid rocket motor with 75 kN thrust using paraffin-based fuel and liquid oxygen. This will be the first privately developed rocket in Europe of this size, and the first European sounding rocket to use this propellant combination, offering a uniquely safe vehicle to the European and global launch sites for microgravity experiments and atmospheric research. The founders of HyImpulse have extraordinary experience in the development of hybrid propulsion sounding rockets, as they set an altitude world record for amateur hybrid rockets as they were still students at the University of Stuttgart. They were leading the student team HyEnD and launched the HEROS 3 rocket to 32.3 km altitude from the launch site Esrange in Sweden. With this exceptional experience and background in sounding rocket technology and the enormous advantages of hybrid rocket propulsion systems, HyImpulse will develop one of the best performing sounding rockets worldwide!