Access to space with hybrid propulsion


Our mission is to unlock the full potential of the rapidly growing small satellite market by eliminating the current bottleneck of frequent, reliable and low-cost access to space ...


We are developing an orbital small launcher, powered by our unique, green hybrid propulsion technology, delivering a higher performance at a fraction of the cost, with a higher operational safety and flexibility.



Giving new impulses together


Giving new impulses together



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HyImpulse Technologies GmbH Headquarters
Wilhelm-Maybach-Straße 5, 74196 Neuenstadt am Kocher
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HyImpulse Testing Center, c/o DLR Im Langen Grund, 74239 Hardthausen


HyImpulse Office, c/o IABG mbH, Einsteinstr. 20, 82024 Taufkirchen