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Mario Kobald

Mario Kobald

Chief Executive Officer

Mario received his PhD in Aerospace engineering from University of Stuttgart in 2015 and diploma in 2010.

Since 2010 he was working at the DLR Institute of Space Propulsion and restarted the activities on hybrid rocket propulsion and advanced hybrid rocket fuels. There, he is leading the hybrid propulsion research group.

From 2012 till 2016 he was project manager of the HyEnD hybrid sounding rocket project at University of Stuttgart.

He is leading HyImpulse as CEO with his long experience in project management, international network, knowledge in hybrid propulsion and sounding rockets.

Christian Schmierer

Christian Schmierer

co-Chief Executive Officer

Christian earned a diploma in aerospace engineering from University of Stuttgart in 2013.

Since then he was working at the German Aerospace Center on system analysis of rocket vehicles with a special focus on hybrid rocket systems, sounding rockets, launch vehicles and lunar landers.

Since 2012 he was actively involved in developing, building and launching hybrid sounding rockets at the University of Stuttgart.

At HyImpulse he embraces the role of the co-CEO, supporting the CEO with leading the start-up to develop a smallsat launch vehicle and get into space!

Ulrich Fischer

Ulrich Fischer

Chief Technology Officer

Ulrich earned a diploma in aerospace engineering from University of Stuttgart in 2014.

He has been working on hybrid rocket propulsion and rocket lightweight structures since then.

Ulrich is the CTO of HyImpulse, coordinating the technical development of the rockets.

Konstantin Tomilin

Konstantin Tomilin

Chief Operating Officer

Konstantin earned a diploma in aerospace engineering from University of Stuttgart in 2014.

Working on different rocket systems like recovery systems, hybrid propulsion systems, airframes, he has gained a lot of experience in the field of sounding rockets.

For HyImpulse Konstantin is managing day-to-day operations as COO.


Fernanda Winter

Project & Propulsion System Engineer



Heinrich Lindt




Isabella Verri

Project & System Engineer



Ferdinand Hertel

Manufacturing & Propulsion & Mechanical Engineer



Davide Corbo

Mission & System Analysis Engineer



Andrea De Pace

Launch Vehicle System Engineer



Sebastian Althapp

Rocket System Engineer



Romain Verges

Structures Engineer



Jérôme Messineo

Propulsion System & Research Engineer



Goutham Karthikeyan

Propulsion Engineer



Bala Madhan

Chief Engineer